December 19th - Future wish nineteen, Antonia (16) wishes for equal treatment!

“This is how it should be!”, Dirk Blome is pleased to present such an elementary wish for the future in the shop window of Café Blome. Secondary school student Antonia (16) has formulated a wish that goes well with the family business, says Dirk Blome.

Three generations work together here and the fourth generation is already interested in the café scene at the age of four. And actively delights the guests: When a member of the ECI was last sitting alone at a table, the attentive junior-junior brought an additional candle and freshly baked biscuits "they are still warm, very tasty". Let's see what he has to say about Antonia's wish the next time he visits.

A peaceful fourth Advent to all of you! Greetings, your ECI

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