123 Oaks - Earth Charter motivated planting campaign on the 50th day of species protection on the day of the global climate strike (03 March 2023)

Photo: KH Wiemers

Planting campaign with the Johann Conrad Schlaun Vocational College, the Warburger Kohlschein brewery (Signatories to the Earth Charter) and the Teutoburg Forest Nature Park. 9:30am-1:30pm

Warburg. What is happening in Warburg as an Earth Charter city? Concern and education for sustainable development have a high priority. In the best case, various actors network to ensure sustainable developments and to bring them forward together.

A current project for the 50th anniversary of International Species Conservation Day, Friday March 3, is being carried out jointly by several actors. The Warburger Brewery, signatory to the Earth Charter, invites schoolchildren from the Johann Conrad Schlaun Vocational College together with a teacher to a joint planting campaign. The river habitat is to be preserved and improved for native small animals. The project is being supported by members of the Warburg Earth Charter ideas workshop and the Teutoburg Forest Nature Park. 

The Planting Day consists of various contents that ensure education for sustainable development:

  • Welcome, ECI – Warburg & Earth Charter City and the Warburger Brewery as signatories to the Earth Charter.
  • Input: Expert planting of oak seedlings in the bank area

  • Input: Species protection on the river and in the floodplain.

  • Input: The Kuhlemühle – living and working with nature.
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