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Hello and good afternoon, send something to our inbox ... to us in Warburg, yes exactly ... to what is probably the most beautiful Earth Charter city in the world !!

The ECI active
Next date: March 3 or 10, 2022, main street 45, Warburg (rooms Second Home)

You can write to us at the following email address. We'll write back 
or we phone,
on it a Warburg word of honor :-) 

Mail to: info @

Depending on, to whom you direct the mail, answer each other Dagmar, Maria T., Markus, Anke, Katharina, Valeria, Heiner, Ricardo, Maria G., Kristjan (...) or Christian, Britta, Anne (...)

Do you have any ideas? Always bring it on ...

ECI-Warburg is a good listener ...