November `21: One year Earth Charter ideas workshop

In the 10th anniversary year of the Earth Charter City of Warburg, we are celebrating as a voluntary initiative on November 25th. our first birthday - the Erd-Charter Ideenwerkstatt has been active for one year in the Hanseatic city of Warburg - a reason to celebrate!


As a 1TP3 volunteer initiative, we celebrated our first # birthday - the #Erd Charter Idea Workshop in the #H Hanseatic City of Warburg has been active for one year.

Our BIRTHDAYG. - November 2020

E.invitation! The Warburg Earth Charter Ideas Workshop invited those interested in Monday, November 29th from 18-20: 00 Watch in the Second home one to join the group of active people and to celebrate the first birthday of the ideas workshop together.

On the agenda stood up Concept proposal on the subject of plastic avoidance in Warburg, the Presentation of the cooperation with the Erd-Charter-Schule secondary school as Closing action for 2021, a short one Looking back on one year of the Warburg Earth Charter Ideas Workshop as well as the Outlook and open exchange on topics and actions for 2022.

The Warburg Earth Charter Ideas Workshop became 2020 as a voluntary initiative by Valeria Geritzen following the conference on twenty years of the Earth Charter International and by the Earth Charter Ambassador Marion Augustin (Berlin) Supported with knowledge of the Earth Charter up to and including June 2021. The Warburger Initiative has met monthly since November 2020 and also in thematic working groups.

The first half year found the meetings purely digitally via Online conferences instead of. The group was only able to meet in real life since June 2nd, 2021. The pandemic requirements were relaxed just in time:

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Hanseatic City of Warburg as an “Earth Charter City”, the active participants were able to successfully organize a five-day anniversary festival from June 25th to 29th.

Art, culture, Earth Charter sport and information were offered during the anniversary in the spirit of the Earth Charter and Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer came to Warburg as a guest of honor. The former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program (UN) and Federal Environment Minister (CDU, in the government of Helmut Kohl) gave a speech in the Warburg City Hall and shaped the panel discussion with other Earth Charter actors from Warburg.

Planning & implementation
Earth Charter Festival celebrating 10 years of the Earth Charter City of Warburg

Since then, the ideas workshop has continued to work on the educational mandate international earth charter, significantly influenced by the experienced Warburg Earth Charter Ambassador Dagmar Feldmann from Warburg-Bonenburg. In the workshop meetings, initiatives are discussed and specifically planned. The resulting actions are supposed to be sensible and feasible within the framework of the Earth Charter City and affordable within the framework of voluntary work. The ideas workshop is based on the given Earth Charter Educational Approach for a sustainable life.

Review: Our public actions in 2020

Since August the Earth Charter Festival has been a two-day Utopia camp on the subject "The Earth Charter City as an innovative city of the future" as part of the Utopia conference of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg instead (25./26.08, 9-22h), Heiner Stiene helped organize ArtD Driburg for the anniversary one Earth Charter Art Exhibition in the United Volksbank Warburg (from August 28th) and in the forest information center Hammerhof in Scherfede (from September 13th).

There is further two new, certified Earth Charter Ambassadors: inside the group (Training completed in August). On Information booths was the earth charter ideas workshop on the Warburg after-work markets present (June 29th and September 1st). A guided Earth Charter Adventure Tour through the core city of Warburg was carried out (04.09.). This tour is free and permanent in the tourist program at the Infopoint / Neustadtmarktplatz for residents and visitors of the Earth Charter City.

In short: The Earth Charter is now in Warburg, not only for the Earth Charter students: they can be experienced inside the two Earth Charter schools!

Current topics
The topic Plastic waste and avoidance The last time those active in the Earth Charter Idea Workshop gave a lecture "Ice cream with plastic" including an open discussion (November 15). "Acting specifically, that's what the ideas workshop is all about, we want to work with the citizens of Warburg to achieve a transformation towards more sustainability in the Earth Charter City", Valeria Geritzen formulates on this evening and in this sense can new interested parties can be won on site.

A warm invitation to the next meeting on January 5th, 2022, come and join us, we look forward to your ideas as part of our workshop format.


At our meetings, 2G conditions apply until further notice and the AHAL measures also apply.

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