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RAMPAK GENTENG WARBURG Intercultural friendship JaF x ECI

“Rampak Genteng” Learn the cultural techniques of the Jatiwangi Art Factory with us FOR JOY in the intercultural, intercontinental exchange during the nationwide intercultural weeks! Many thanks to JaF for the cooperation, we couldn't be more grateful: Jatiwangi Art Factory is the current cultural prize winner...

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Our monthly ECI dates 2023

Cordial invitation: Dates for our monthly meetings 2023: Thursday, January 12th Wednesday, February 1st Wednesday, March 1st We will meet on March 1st at Christian Holtgreve's: Am Markt 3, 34414 Warburg-Altstadt Friday, March 3rd – WORLD CONSERVATIONAL DAY: 50th Anniversary123…

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