Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer in the Warburg town hall: Keynote on the Earth Charter

The Warburg Earth Charter Ideas Workshop, or ECI for short, has existed since November 2020, launched in the aftermath of the twentieth anniversary of the Earth Charter International on the initiative of Valeria Geritzen, Geritzen has coordinated the Warburg initiative ever since.

The Earth Charter Ideas Workshop is working on various projects to make the Earth Charter tangible in Warburg.

Values that are based on the Earth Charter: Community, participation, inclusion, diversity, peace, justice, intact ecosystems, preserving biodiversity, common good, holistic sustainability, human dignity, democracy, transparency, consideration, non-violence (...)

With an active as well as cultural festival program for 10 years of the Earth Charter City of Warburg, the goals and values of the Earth Charter were the focus of the active for five days.

The following is a brief summary of the anniversary celebrations (Friday, June 25th to Tuesday, June 29th, 2021):

Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, ao former Executive Director of the UN Environment Program (United Nations), spoke as the keynote speaker at the start of the celebrations in the Warburg town hall. Mayor Tobias Scherf welcomed as host and patron. This was followed by a panel discussion with various Earth Charter actors from Warburg.

On the following Earth Charter days of action, many different offers were made, for example Earth Charter Sport with the Warburg Sports Club: Earth Charter Olympics and Earth Charter relay race (4,000m).

The cultural program offered a film evening with the Cineplex, as well as a poetry evening with the Haus für Poesie Berlin and a theater evening with the Progranauts Theater collective from Bochum (Evening program on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, in that order).

As a sustainable offer for the cultural offer in the Hanseatic city of Warburg The Earth Charter Adventure Tour also celebrated its premiere: Citizens and visitors are invited to explore the Earth Charter City of Warburg free of charge and to find out the meaning of the Earth Charter on the basis of an exciting and in-depth tour via app (Actionbound app free of charge on the Smartphone).

On the international Earth Charter Day, June 29, the Earth Charter Festival celebrated another cultural highlight: the Warburg cultural treasure sponsored the cultural stage including fees for those involved in culture. The Westphalian folk band Hilde Wummel created a classic market flair with classical instruments and the climate-political songwriter Erik Stenzel ended the Earth Charter Festival with a climate concert. "Two degrees, three degrees, four degrees, 5 degrees - don't give a shit, you only live once." With haunting texts, Erik Stenzel's appearance made it clear why the Earth Charter promises in Warburg must be followed by action.

After the festival (from August 2021)

Since the anniversary festival, the ideas workshop has continued to work on the educational mandate in accordance with the international Earth Charter. Initiatives are discussed and planned in meetings. The resulting actions should be meaningful and feasible within the framework of the Earth Charter City and affordable within the framework of voluntary work.

The ideas workshop is based on the given educational approach of the Earth Charter for a Sustainable Life.

Since August there has been a two-day utopia camp on the subject of "The Earth Charter City as an innovative city of the future" as part of the Utopia Conference of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Heiner Stiene and ArtD Driburg organized an Earth Charter art exhibition for the anniversary in the United Volksbank and in the forest information center Hammerhof in Scherfede.

Also there is two new certified Earth Charter Ambassadors in the group and on The Erd-Charter Ideenwerkstatt was present at information stands at the Warburg after-work markets.

A guided Earth Charter adventure tour through the core city of Warburg was carried out - and this tour is available free of charge and permanently in the tourist program at the info point.

Most recently, those active in the Earth Charter Idea Workshop dedicated themselves to the topic of plastic waste and avoidance with the lecture "Ice with plastic" and an open discussion.

“Acting specifically, that's what the ideas workshop is all about, we want to work with them Warburg citizens together achieve a transformation towards more sustainability in the Earth Charter City ", Valeria Geritzen puts it this evening.

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