August 24/25, 21 utopia camp for Warburg in Haus Böttrich (Leuphana University)

The Earth Charter City as an innovative city of the future.

Motto of the Warburg ECI Utopia Camp

What actually is a utopia camp? In Warburg?

We meet without anyone having a head start and without any airs. Where? We spend two whole days together in Haus Böttrich, as a newly mixed group we form a utopia camp. What is happening? The lectures by Maja Göpel, Richard David Precht and other deserving scientists from the Utopia Studio of Leuphana University will be streamed live to us in Warburg. We then devote ourselves to utopian questions in work sessions, so it's really getting down to business! After all, what undertaking is greater than utopia? The title says it all, we don't just eat together every now and then, we develop the ultimatum of the thinkable: utopias!

The nice thing about utopia is that there are no limits to it, we are allowed to think anything and by no means do everything, utopia does not endanger anyone and does not attack anyone.

However, new and transformative ideas can be thought!

... but one after the other, we start with getting to know each other and then switch to the utopia studio with Maja Göpel and Richard-David Precht. We can already promise you one thing, we will spend an intensive time together and grow together as a camp. We look forward to your participation! Register, there are still places available!

Valeria for the ECI-Warburg

friendly greetings to everyone #Utopists in the federal territory!

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