"Show attitude!" Poetry event with concert in Warburg on March 21, the international world day against racism & world day of poetry


Earth Charter Ideas Workshop Warburg  with music by Philoduo and from the Second home of Warburg, Aeham Ahmad & Friends. in the program of municipal integration center district of Höxter to the weeks against racism.


6-7:30 p.m 
Neustadt Church, Kalandstr. 8, 34414 Warburg

Submit Poems:

Questions and submissions of the poems please  


coordination: Valeria Geritzen, 0163-2888380

The Hill we climb!“ (Amanda Gorman)

"The hill we climb!!" Crowd poetry event in the Neustadt church in Warburg, on March 21st, the international world day against racism and world day of poetry.
As part of the International Weeks Against Racism 2022 – March 14-27, 2022.

To show attitude, language can be the first step to making a statement. We are celebrating as part of the international weeks against racism in the district of Höxter with a colorful event organized by the Earth Charter ideas workshop  "Show attitude!, Motto of this year's weeks against racism.

Earth Charter Think Tank

March 21st is International Day Against Racism and at the same time World Poetry Day. It's no coincidence that Salman Rushdie already knew: "Language is courage: the ability to conceive a thought, to speak it, and thereby to make it true." 

On this special day in Warburg we would like to recite thoughts, verses and poems against racism.  

Earth Charter Ideas Workshop Warburg

Of course, there is also music by Philoduo for the poems, as well as a concert by Second Home, Aeham Ahmad & friends.

Earth Charter Ideas Workshop Warburg

your poems please until 19.03. at info@eci-warburg.de send.
Please indicate whether you will present your text yourself in Warburg or if you want us to do the presentation. 

PS: Backgrounds for March 21st
March 21, 1960 is the day of the Sharpville Massacre (South Africa), in which 69 demonstrators were shot dead and hundreds injured. The day means retrospectively a turning point for South Africa, the UN Security Council sharply condemned the procedure and demanded the end of apartheid. With the result that South Africa left the Commonwealth of Nations. Only in 1994 did the first free elections take place in South Africa and on March 21, 1996 Nelson Mandela signed the new South African constitution. March 21 has been celebrated as the International Day Against Racism (UN) since 1966. March 21st is also World Poetry Day (UNESCO).

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