12/24/22 – Invitation on Christmas Eve: Being together & SINGING. 11:00 a.m., Neustadtmarktplatz, Warburg.

Premiere: Warburg sings Christmas carols

Warburg sings Christmas carols: "O du Fröhliche", "Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling" or "O Tannenbaum": These are songs that everyone knows. And the Earth Charter Idea Workshop (ECI) Warburg invites you to sing this and pause for a moment on the morning of Christmas Eve.

At 11 a.m. they want to come together with everyone from Warburg and the region on the Warburg Neustadtmarktplatz and sing Christmas carols. Motto: "Christmas Eve being together and singing". For half an hour, a moment to pause, remember and enjoy in the hustle and bustle. 30 minutes break from Christmas stress for young and old, for seniors, families and children or single people.

The Earth Charter Ideas Workshop has prepared song notes for December 24th and also invites interested musicians to accompany the singing with instruments, trumpets, tenor horns, guitars or trombones and to enjoy the wonderful Christmas atmosphere on the large Christmas tree on the Neustadtmarkt to make it a little more wonderful. If necessary, musicians can ask the idea workshop which songs they are and prepare themselves.

But don't worry: These are Christmas carols that everyone knows and loves, that people have been singing under the tree on Christmas Eve since childhood and continue to sing. "It's already working in many other cities. We would like to start a tradition in Warburg as well," says ECI coordinator Valeria Geritzen and looks forward to "when many people just stop on Saturday morning, sing along spontaneously and feel: It's Christmas now."

So, 11 a.m. Christmas Eve - see each other and sing. Information about the songs that will be sung is available to interested musicians by e-mail at: valeria.geritzen@gmail.com

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