December 24th - Zukunftswunsch 24 invites you to an international and varied table in Warburg!

The future wish 24 of Anna (12) and Zari (13) contains a lot of the Christmas message as it is appreciated across religions: eat together and get to know other people and cultures, invite guests, invite strangers, share.

What is created in a possible local of cultures that the two girls want? We dream of a community of versatility, openness, helpfulness, appreciation and the joy of being together in peace, while people eat and talk together and slowly get to know the stranger.

All of these positive aspects suddenly come into play with Anna and Zari's wish for the future. Can it be that easy? The desire of the two secondary school students encourages them to recognize undiscovered, valuable potential of their own.

What would be created in such a restaurant in Warburg? Do you know the magic that unfolds when someone offers a familiar culinary specialty? A local 'East Westphalian' dish or a dish from international cuisine?

Who do you invite for Christmas, do your guests bring cultural peculiarities to the table, like the esteemed son-in-law of the owners of Inke's Mode Boutique? Are you a guest and are catered for? What do you bring with you, what do you take with you? A filled stomach and a filled heart? Strength for the new year?

Happy Holidays, come good and healthy into the New Year 2022.
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