Happy Holidays & Happy New Year !!

Another year comes to an end with the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year. In the lap of family and friends, we will meet with loved ones in the next few days and enjoy the time together. 

What kind of year has it been that is coming to an end?

A pandemic year, a flood year, an election year. A noticeably cold January in East Westphalia, later a July, which went down in history as the warmest month since the beginning of the weather records. A year that has shown us as a society tasks and limits - at the same time opportunities and new paths. 

For us a year full of actions in the Warburg city society, supported by the merger of Warburg citizens: inside the Earth Charter ideas workshop. 

We froze and sweat together, studied and celebrated, worried and worked, always loved, mourned several times and sometimes laughed a lot. We were disappointed, challenged and surprised together that it was a year together full of solidarity, was the convincing factor.

Pandemic times are still not easy, simply completely different from what is known up to now and constantly carry the active term of the 'unknown future' with them, relating to the near and also the distant future.

What will we take with us from 2021? We achieve a lot: We are creative and powerful in implementation. It makes sense to plan fluidly and it is better not to start from fixed factors.

Much in everyday life and experience changed again in 2021, we still have to get used to a lot. The solidarity in the community and the common standing for values, the mutual support, mentally and materially, made it possible not only to contest the challenging situation but also to successfully implement the work in terms of the Earth Charter.

We wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year, come into the new year healthy!

Your Earth Charter ideas workshop Warburg

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