Basic knowledge of plastic - actually a "slang word".

On today's International Science Day we are dedicated to the "problem of plastics".

💡 It was not until 1907, only 114 years ago, that the “recipe” for plastic was discovered by the Belgian Leo Baekeland.

🎱 Originally, as early as 1870, billiard balls, which were made of expensive ivory, were made with a substitute.

🤓 It took 37 years until the groundbreaking invention, the rest is history: The plastic boom followed with the start of mass production in 1950.

Unfortunately, plastics have a number of disadvantages. Plastic is not chemically stable and micro-plastic parts (all particles smaller than 5mm) constantly end up in the air, earth and water.

♻️Worldwide only 20% of plastic waste is recycled and put back into a cycle. And the remaining 80%?

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