The plastic trap!

We keep tapping in! Why? Because it's so easy ...

We at the ECI agree

🧃When you buy a tetra pack that is made from composite material and that will only decompose through friction in approx. 50-100 years, a product that is dangerous for ecosystems comes into circulation.

🌊 If the Tetrapack ends up in nature, on land or in water, we accept that residues in the form of microplastics will remain in nature.

🤓 The technical term for this is "secondary microplastics". This can then end up in food via the food chain.

Proper recycling can prevent this. For Tetrapacks is the #Yellow bag intended.

🌍 In many countries there is no reliable recycling system. There are no or only inadequate systems for feeding recyclable materials, especially composite packaging, back into the cycle.

🆘 This inequality often leads to severe environmental pollution in the global south, which attacks human habitat and massively threatens flora and fauna.

The Erd-Charter Ideenwerkstatt invites you to the Corvinushaus Warburg on November 15 at 7 pm: “Ice cream with plastic - a somewhat different expedition” is the title of the lecture that speaker Simone Flörke, journalist from Warburg, will bring with her that evening.

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