December 20 - Zukunftswunsch Zwanzig aims to encourage young people to have a say

“There are really too few leisure activities in Warburg for young people,” Ariane Friedrichs, branch manager at Ernsting's Family in Warburger Hauptsraße, agrees with Lena Feddermann's wish for the future.

Feddermann is a teacher at the Erd-Charter-Secondary School in Warburg with a sub-location in Borgentreich and is interested in the fact that its students can carry out activities in their free time according to their interests.

- A wish that involves an active focus on the needs of young people, including their wishes and developing them together. In the Hertie Foundation (Bonn) funding project "Youth decides" for which the Hanseatic city had been selected, youngsters from Warburg (12-15) recently had their say under the guidance of project managers from the association "Politics to Touch eV": As part of the project, it is about a general participation of young people in Warburg in the sense of having a say in urban development. Although the project did not focus on recreational activities, this was of great importance. And so the decision was made as to which project would ultimately be implemented on a project which, as an attraction for Warburg, will increase the recreational value for young people in Warburg: A skate park is to be built in the Diemelaue in Warburg's old town.

Future wish twenty from the Earth Charter Secondary School Warburg
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